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    I'm Alex Chylak but trade under Captain Ceramics. I am based in the beautiful county of East Sussex where I get most of my inspiration from my garden and the surrounding countryside. I have a small studio at the back of the garage, and therefore often spread out into the main part when additional space is required.

    Most of my ceramics are thrown on a potter's wheel. However, I have started making items that use the slab construction method or a combination of both.

    Once made, they are dried, biscuit fired (first firing), decorated (using stains, oxides & glazes) and then put through another firing to between 1240C & 1300C. The latter firing makes the pots very frost resistant.

    Recently, I have been experimenting with raku firing technique.

    I am a member of the Kent Potters Association.

    After completing numerous ceramic courses in Cumbria I now work as a part time potter. I spent most of my life in the Merchant Navy as a marine navigator and latterly as a ship's captain. For a short time I worked for the Marine Coast Guard Agency and as a teacher of CDT (Design Technology).