Garden and Patio

Bird Bath 05
PT 5
Wall Planter 3 (450x800)
Wall Planter 1 (450x800)
Bird Bath 04
Bird Bath 03
Bird Bath 02
Bird Bath 01
Wall Planter 2 (450x800)
Wall Planter 4

All items are made from stoneware clay and are fired to 1260C making them very frost resistant. No two items of a similar shape are identical because they all vary a little. Other colours and design variations are available.

Sculptures are about 100cm high and have a steel pole going through all the spheres, and which allows for secure fixing in the ground. Spheres can be placed on the pole to suit the owner's preferences.

Bird baths on pedestals are secured to base and base is then secured to ground via a steel rod.

Wall planters have hanging arrangements.

Chimes have fitted stainless steel wire for hanging.